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Founder and Managing Director Phil Gordon is a local businessman with over 25 years experience in marketing, sales, product development and distribution.

"My family on both sides originally come from Lyme Regis so I have always been drawn to the area. It had long been an ambition of ours to do a self-build project (ideally a traditional timber framed house) so I was delighted when the opportunity to move back to the area came up and we embarked on two totally new projects!"

"Firstly, through a chain of events and a little luck, in 2002 we found a rare piece of land and too many months later, finally started to ‘build the dream’. It has been a fantastic experience and a real education – I can’t say that I am now an expert house builder, but I know a lot more than I did four years ago!"

"Secondly, having completed the house (is it ever really finished?), I can now return to what I do best – Helping people get the best out of their business. I noticed whilst being back in the area, that we have a thriving local economy with a lots of small businesses offering a wide range of services and products to the local community.

The problem some of these businesses have is that they can't possibly sustain the cost of having a full-time sales/marketing person, also not everyone that has a great business idea can be good at everything! So, there seemed to be a need for someone that could come in with a fresh perspective on the business and be available as an external resource, on tap, as and when needed.
Over the years I have helped a number of small business grow into a larger ones by initially assisting with product development ideas and then setting up a distribution networks first across Europe and then on to America and the Far East. I have also worked with much larger companies helping them to ensure that they care for and keep their existing customers as well as find new ones".

"But I get most excited when I see an opportunity to develop a company’s potential. When a person or business has a great idea but has not quite managed to capitalise on it – That’s when I can help".

“If you feel that your business might also benefit from a little boost in marketing, sales or PR efforts – Lets have an informal chat to discuss how KaaBoom! Might be able to assist!“

Remember the KaaBoom! promise: "If we can’t help you, then we will make it our business to find someone that can! And that’s a promise."

Phil Gordon
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